Landscapes became the first subject of my painting. Landscapes have different aspects and its moods. I need to spend time looking and communing with nature. Then I transform the feelings that the land inspire in my heart and soul into colors and shapes on the canvas.

I spent my youth in a very poor and inhospitable area surrounded by mountains. Life was hard but I still hold on to myself those feelings of harmony, simplicity and humility. Nature reigned our lives. We lived in respect with the environment. If we couldn’t have material possessions, we were free to enjoy mountains and rivers but also to dream and imagine.

There is something organic in the relationship between mankind and nature. Sometimes I think that the landscapes have the control of the brush and I simply give free rein to the brush and the landscapes decide the colors and guide the lines. At that time I feel as if I had become one with the landscape itself. It’s a very magical feeling.

When I face the mountains and rivers in my painting sessions only by throwing myself into the nature and landscapes I can overcome the feeling of how insignificant the individual is.

“Living Land” attempts to emphasize how the mysteries of nature are the greatest driving force in my artistic endeavors. Through my interactions or simply through an attentive contemplation of nature and landscapes I find inspiration and revelations that are channeled with endless enthusiasm to painting.

“Living Land” contains sixty of my recent works. The paintings are once again sorted into the four categories Urban Mood, Wild Perspective, Echoes of the River and Sunset Colors based on the differences in composition. A year has passed since the publication of “Inspired by the Landscape” and despite the general layout being the same I feel that my painting now looks different without any conscious effort on my part.

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