I Became a Painter

It is especially cold in winter in north China. It usually snows heavily for several times in every winter. I loved winter very much in my childhood because in winter I could skate (by homemade tools), have a snowball fight and make a snowman. Besides, the Spring Festival is in winter. As I was born in a poor family in a rural area, we could only eat well once a year during Spring Festival. I remember that it was several days before Spring Festival in a winter holiday with thick snowfalls. I was seven or eight years old in that year. It had been snowing for several days, so snow cover was very thick. The heavy snow made our school more quite. I went to the school alone, making footprints and snowmen in the snow. By accident, I pushed the door of a classroom and saw a painting on the wall through the crack between the door and its frame. It was the first painting that I had ever seen. The painting was drawn by a rural amateur art teacher. The title of the painting is Going back Home together Regardless of Rain or Snow. On the picture, two children carrying messenger bags were on the way home through the deep snow. I was deeply touched by that scene. From then on, I usually peeped at the painting alone. Finally, one day, I could not help slipping into the classroom and taking away the painting. After going back home, I began to draw after the painting. How time flies! I’ve been painting for over 30 years.

Previously, at university, I had the dream of becoming an art teacher. I was from north of China, but I fell in love with a girl from south China. After graduating from a fine art institute, she returned to the south to be an art teacher, while I returned to my hometown and also worked as an art teacher. We two became apart. Though we were separated geographically, our hearts twisted together tightly. The power of love is tremendous. One year later, I quitted my job and got on the train bound for south. In her the small hometown, I regained my love, but I also became unemployed. I failed to get a job each time I tried. I was extremely confused. That period was the worst of my life. We strived to make ends meet merely depending on her low wage. One day when I tramped the streets (it is no exaggeration to use such a wording, because I was in poor condition and I was almost crushed at that time), I saw a small painting shop on the street. I went into the shop and talked with the owner. Then I realized that I could make a living by painting. Hence, I bought some painting materials and I facsimiled Raffaello ’Madonna della sedia” which facilitated me to be a professional painter. A girl from south China and two paintings defined my life.

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