Liu Jiutong work

He is known for his paintings of old charming buildings in Shanghai, and the peaceful villages surrounded by water and mountains of Northwestern China, where he was born and has spent his youth.

Liu inclination towards abstractionism and his mastery of the art form with his unrestrained landscapes are inspired by renowned Chinese poets of the Warring States and Tang Dynasty.

Striking a perfect equilibrium between western painting style and oriental composition, Liu has successfully infused the aesthetic standard and application of the east and the west, the old and the new into his works. Through Liu’s artistic vision, he has harnessed the essence of traditional China and projected its timeless beauty through western expression as his paintings lead the viewers into an enchanting journey of exploration and contemplation.

Through the raw textures, dynamic color palette and uninhabited brushstrokes that gracefully balance between the delicate lines and bold swashes, Liu creates a visual poetry in motion of undulating mountains, meandering rivers, of the ethereal heaven above and the solidity of the earth below, all elements that encapsulate the lasting and untamed beauty of nature.

Inspired by his travels, old charming buildings of Shanghai and peaceful villages appear in his artworks, serenading with a nostalgic melody of longing and yearning of a bygone time. These aesthetic paintings are unified by elements of duality; exquisite yet simple, concrete and abstract, exploring new forms of art.

Liu Jiutong’s artworks are in prominent collections in Asia and have been exhibited in many prestigious international exhibitions. Some have been sold at auction, including ‘Mountain Against Island’ sold at Christie’s Hong Kong ‘Asian 20th Century Art (Day Sale)’ in 2015 for $175,468.

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